0 A.D.

A Historical strategy game with the aftertaste of Age of Empires

DEVELOPER LAUNCH 08-16-2010 STATE Alpha (0.0.15) PLATFORM PC GENRE Real-Time Strategy ENGINE/TECH Pyrogenesis WEBSITE PLAYED 5035

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0 A.D. is a free real time strategy game with an open source. Its development started in 2001 with it being a mod of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, put its developers realized that what they had in their hands had the potential of being its own, independent game.

In this way, in 2003 the team refocused their project and called it 0 A.D. – what we have in our hands now. It's an independent game with it's own engine (Pyrogenesis) that took more than a decade to develop following the alpha phase. Although, it wasn't really given the name alpha, 0 A.D. is as good of a game as many of the other commercial franchises.
Updated 12-30-2013
New release: Alpha 15 Osiris

- Multiplayer Lobby
- Auras
- Debut of the Ptolemaic Egyptians
- Skirmish Maps
- Better Unit Movement in Formations
- New GUI Design
- Increased Support for Multiplayer Hosting

Read full changelog HERE.
Updated 09-05-2013
New release: Alpha 14 Naukratis

- New Gameplay Features: Added Blacksmith building, onfinite farms, exponential armor and realistic health, allies can now garrison in each other's buildings, shared trade gain with allies
- Graphics, Sound and User Interface Improvements: Hero button, game speed controls, location hotkeys, GUI dropdowns support typing, sound manager improvements, terrain anchoring.
- The Atlas Scenario Editor: Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Features: Pike elevation tool in Atlas, Mod improvements.
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